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Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising Hi all!

Welcome to the lair of SaintAxe&Ror (Aka : SAR)

Here you'll find a lot of stuff about Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising game : Softwares, missions/maps, videos and also some tips about LUA programming.

Do not hesitate to report bugs on maps/missions, I'll fix them asap. Suggestions are welcome too. If you're looking for me, you'll probably find me online playing Coop mission on Skira Island... my nickname is : SaintAxe&Ror (I'ts a shabby joke with "Syntax Error")

Have Fun !

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New mission released
Operation Haddock
Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising mission : Operation Haddock by SaintAxe&Ror
The story :
A very long journey. You are to escort Morning Star along their route. Engage each enemy you encounter. Don't let them destroy the convoy. Watch out to AT teams or armored vehicles. Once done, go to the beach to get ammunitions and take a helo to fly to Aynskoye. Saber Three is waiting for you in the neighborhood, but they could be in dangerous position because Aynskoye has been taken by PLA. It's possible that you arrive too late to rescue Saber Three. Go fast and be aggressive. Once you've reached Aynskoye, we will send a helo to pick you up. But there is a problem... A radar has been spotted on a hill near Aynskoye. Clean the hilltop and destroy the radar in order to the helo can come. Beware, as soon as you have destroyed the radar, PLA will probably do a counter attack. Stay on top of the hill and defend your position. If possible we will send reinforcements. Once all cleared, the helo will come and pick you up to bring you back to the HQ.
  • Type : Single Player / Coop
  • Version : 1.0.0
  • Release date : 24/03/2013